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How Can I Have Thick Hair in 10 seconds?

What is Hair Building Fiber?

Hair loss problem is very distressing to all men. It can lead to low self esteem, low confidence and affected the appearance. Consequently can affect relationship and working performance. If you're looking for serious volume when it comes to your hair, look no further than hair building fibers.

And the best part is that hair-building fibers are like insanely easy to use. After styling, you shake or spray underneath the areas where you need more oomph -- usually near your roots at the crown.

Let's see how this man's hair transform in 10 seconds:

How Does It Work?

Hair Building Fibers are made from natural Keratin of the highest grade, the same type of protein found in real hair. The Fibers have a strong natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect, tightly binding to even the finest strands of human hair. It can resist rain and wind, so you can wear it for exercise.

Before and After

It only takes 10 seconds to cover the hair loss area.

Colours of Your Choice

Originally designed for folks with thinning hair, hair fibers are tiny keratin-protein strands available in an array of hair colors -- one probably close to your own.